How do you coach others effectively?

Create a culture of team feedback. Push employees to their attainable limits. Encourage employees to learn from others. Leaders and coaches can aim for transformation, even in 10-minute conversations in the hallway.

Training employees is the key to creating and maintaining motivated staff. At first, it will take more time: the whole process of teaching a man to fish instead of just catching a man, a fish. However, the results are worth the investment. Employee training tends to be two-pronged.

Either you're training them to improve (or because they're doing something wrong); or you're training them on a new process or topic that requires training. Advice provided by external experts remains important and valuable, but more and more organizations view on-the-job counseling as a fundamental tool for developing talent and achieving performance objectives. If, on the other hand, the coach draws on the player's background, he may be able to speak the player's language and thus motivate him better. The problem is that leaders are held responsible for the development of others, but few are taught training skills or are aware of effective ways to train others.

On the contrary, according to research, training leaders on how to be coaches can pay off, but only if you start by defining the term “coaching” and leaving ample space for self-reflection and feedback.

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