Why do life coaches use frameworks?

They are implemented to guide conversations and training sessions and keep them focused, making them clearer and more purposeful. This is the configuration framework that I use with all my coaching clients when launching an engagement. It provides the basis for further analysis of objectives, actions and accountability measures. Anyone with the help of a coach or not can implement this framework.

Of course, working with a trained coach can speed up the process, but it's available to anyone with a learning mindset and a desire to take steps outside their comfort zone to achieve positive change. A coaching conversation is different from an everyday conversation. It generates an awareness that leads to change. This change is possible thanks to training frameworks that make coaching transformative.

Frames form the backbone of training, and every conversation and practice helps you become a better coach. At the beginning of the coaching session, it's important that the coach and client clearly understand the objectives of the time you spend together. What this also means is that, even if YOU were to use the exact same training framework to guide each of your training sessions, conversations would play out differently with each of your clients. How YOU implement a given training framework will also depend on your own unique training approach and philosophy.

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