How to Boost Workforce Engagement and Support Corporate Culture

Creating a culture of engagement and support for corporate culture is essential for any business. Involving employees in the process is key to achieving this goal. Focus groups, brainstorming sessions, and other activities can help staff members feel like they are part of the process and help shape the company's culture. Unfortunately, only 32% of employees in the United States are engaged in their work, according to a Gallup survey.

To increase engagement, it is important to create an environment where employees can form bonds with their co-workers. Studies have revealed that the more friends employees have at work, the more engaged they are. One study found that only 28% of employees without friends from work were engaged, compared to 69% with 25 or more friends. Recognizing employees for their efforts is also important. This doesn't mean praising them for every little thing they do, but rather saying “Hi”, “Have a good night” or “Thank you” when appropriate.

When an employee goes the extra mile, make sure to recognize it. Employee development is also essential for engagement. Adding new functions to an employee's position, leaving room for job growth, or offering a work rotation program can help avoid boredom and keep employees engaged. On the other hand, micromanagement can be harmful to your company. One company found that micromanagement caused 68% of employees to state that their morale had weakened and 55% said it had caused a decrease in productivity. The loss of morale and productivity causes workers to be actively disconnected.

Our research shows that engagement is the key factor that makes employees want to stay. One of the best ways to increase participation? The culture of your company. Create a culture that promotes employee engagement so that your workforce wants to stay for the long term. A positive and open culture can create an environment where everyone trusts each other and brings loyalty to each person. This establishes a transparent work culture and encourages all employees to be engaged with each other.

Studies show that unmotivated employees are costly; a Gallup survey revealed that teams with a high level of commitment show 21% more significant profitability compared to teams that don't participate. The report states that the most successful organizations establish employee engagement as the central objective of their strategies. Therefore, corporate culture defines the success and sustainability of the company. Use employee surveys to strengthen their culture and, therefore, employee engagement. To maximize workforce engagement and support corporate culture, employers should focus on creating an environment where employees can form bonds with their co-workers, recognize their efforts, provide opportunities for development, and create a positive and open culture. Doing so will not only increase employee engagement but also boost profitability.

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