What are the 3 steps in the model conflict resolution model?

Conflict is difficult to manage, but following this clear 3-step conflict resolution process will help you achieve the best possible outcome, listen to understand the problems, explore and agree on solutions to the problems, and review how both people feel after the conflict resolution meeting. Recognizing that you're really listening is the first step. If you don't listen, you'll never be able to understand the problem or find a solution. Pay attention to their emotions as you search for the central problem that is causing them.

Once you find him, repeat the problem to him while recognizing the emotion. This will ensure that you understand the problem so you can work to resolve it. Start by collecting information from each part separately. Remember that these conversations are often stressful for the person being questioned, and maintain a professional but not hostile tone.

Make sure you have privacy and a quiet space to spend time. You'll also want to take notes, as recording interviews has a negative effect and can limit candor. Focus your attention as carefully as possible on listening to what is being said, but also on realizing what is not being said and on catching the tone and body language.

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