What strategies should employers use to ensure that their employees are engaged with their corporate coaching program?

Defend your core values · 3.It creates career paths and provides opportunities for growth · 4.Promote employees from within · 5.You won't be left speechless from day one and you'll probably fail at some strategies from time to time. The important thing to remember is to set realistic standards for your team and to outline specific objectives when possible. For example, if turnover has been an issue, you could work to reduce billing by 15 percent within a year. Learn more about Impact41 Facts about employee engagement that you should know.

Of the 9,000 professionals surveyed by CNBC, only 62 percent said they were satisfied with the professional support provided by their company. Offering employees opportunities to increase their skills keeps them engaged, and having something to work on keeps them motivated. Not only that, but learning and development initiatives show that you value your employees as people who choose to continuously invest in your staff, rather than replacing employees with candidates who have the skills you want. Great managers foster open and honest relationships with employees that motivate and engage them.

In this blog, we'll share 12 rules for mastering employee coaching and creating a productive team of engaged employees.

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