Unleashing the Power of Motivation: The Role of a Coach

Motivation is a powerful asset for coaches and an essential element of successful training. A coach's role is to inspire athletes to have faith in themselves and to feel empowered to reach their full potential. By taking advantage of the reasons that motivate them and discovering how to awaken their inner drive, coaches can learn to regulate their motivation and develop autonomy and competence to achieve their individual goals. Sometimes, people may not be willing to be trained if they feel that they are being asked to do something they don't like, such as improving their performance in a job they don't enjoy.

While many coaching clients may seek out a life coach for extrinsic motivation, discovering their intrinsic motivation is what leads to the success they seek. That's why I developed this training philosophy and framework to help coaches have a greater impact on their clients. By examining a person's will, ability, and preparedness, a coach can provide powerful training for behavior change.

Madeline Talkington
Madeline Talkington

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