How would you ensure you engage your team?

Our three-pillar framework for aligning personnel strategy with organizational strategy Notable updates to the Engagedly E3 suite A Gartner study found that aligning employee goals and expectations with the organization's objectives has a major impact on their performance; the study observed a 22% increase in employee performance. Aaron Adams is the vice president of professional services at Engagedly, where he develops and implements strategic talent solutions that help support and boost the organization's talent and business strategies. He has a master's degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Wayne State University and has worked as a rights management consultant and OD consultant for a Fortune 20 company. He currently leads the Engagedly teams responsible for onboarding, training and consulting services.

As a starting point for your first registration, ask the team member what their main problem is. This helps break the ice, awakens your interest in work issues and the opinion of team members. You can then explain why the sessions are held, to learn more about yourself and explore your professional development and work issues. Next, try to exchange basic information about yourself, briefly describe your work history and how you intended to get your current position before talking about anything else.

Ask the team member to do the same, take the time to get to know each other. Try to understand the personal situation of team members and the stresses and obligations at work. Use your own situation as an example. Being as frank and honest as possible helps generate regret and encourages the team member to do the same.

You're building a working relationship and you want to talk about any topic easily, openly, and honestly, no matter how controversial or problematic it is in the future.

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