How Corporate Coaches Can Help Employees Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

Employees can be trained to effectively manage their own conflicts with their colleagues, according to Kelly Mollica. Leaders should not prioritize their employees' “pressing issues”, but instead create a culture that values conflict resolution. Ignoring tension can lead to silos and internal disruptions among employees, so it is important for managers to act as coaches and help create a collaborative atmosphere. Conflict counseling is an option designed to assist an individual employee in overcoming a conflict they face in the workplace.

Sessions are voluntary, confidential and one-on-one with the Center's staff. The coach will help individuals assess the reality of the options for managing or resolving the conflict, and may teach specific conflict resolution and leadership skills. Conflict coaching is a model that combines the field of coaching with the field of alternative dispute resolution. It encourages people to identify their own role in the conflict, as well as their own needs and the needs of other people involved in the conflict. Leaders should be expected to neutralize or minimize conflict, not allow it to grow and spread unchecked.

By helping employees manage their conflicts, managers can ensure that everyone benefits from a collaborative environment.The key to successful conflict resolution is for leaders to act as coaches and provide employees with the tools they need to resolve their own conflicts. Coaching can help employees understand how to identify and address conflicts before they become unmanageable. It can also help employees develop strategies for managing difficult conversations and understanding how to work together more effectively. By providing employees with the skills they need to manage their own conflicts, leaders can create a more productive and harmonious workplace.

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