How can leadership coach and support employees to overcome barriers?

How to train employees effectively Praise achievement and growth. Identify any performance issues they're facing. Explain why this change or development is important. Ask the employee for their point of view.

There are many training techniques that leaders can use to help overcome their staff's resistance to change. We asked 16 members of the Forbes Coaching Council to share their best approaches and why they're so effective. Coaching is a fundamental skill for managers and leaders. And there is no doubt that there are some very clear barriers that prevent people from changing their behavior from giving advice: “Let me tell you what to do”, to a more person-centered approach, rather than focusing only on the task at hand.

Watch my latest video that explores the various barriers and offers some tactics to improve the quality and frequency of training in your organization. Nor is there any doubt that there are some very clear barriers that prevent people from changing their behavior, from being experts and giving advice: “Let me tell you what to do”, to being more curious, focusing more on the person than just on the task in question, more willingness to give power to the person you direct and direct so that they expand their capacity, have more impact and become more self-sufficient. In today's world, change is the only constant that surrounds us. For employees, this can be difficult to manage and annoying.

In striving to achieve a successful transformation, we must consider the different perceptions of those who initiate the change, implement it, and are affected by it. And I think that when you seek to incorporate coaching into an organization, you have to understand that you have to equip your managers and leaders with skills and a mentality that are very different from those you would have if you were training an executive coach. Well, let me start with the first one, which is, I think, that executive coaching is a terrible model to follow for executive coaching.

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