The Benefits of Corporate Coaching: A Comprehensive Guide

Corporate coaching is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. It helps identify and develop high-potential employees, identify organizational and individual strengths and development opportunities, and improve mental health. With corporate coaching, executives can better understand the culture of their company, and employees can benefit from improved life satisfaction, purpose, and social connection. At BetterUp, members have seen a 38% decrease in languor during the first three months with a coach.

This is in addition to improved emotional regulation and other dimensions of mental health. Corporate coaching is an invaluable resource for businesses looking to maximize their potential. I have been working with Andrew since the 1990s as outside legal counsel through two different employers of his. During my work with Andrew, I have been especially impressed by his ability to balance the various issues that often come into play in the issues we deal with.

He has proven to be extremely genuine in his actions and has demonstrated to me his ability to be thorough, open-minded and intelligent. I would highly recommend both business organizations and lawyers to work with Andrew.

Madeline Talkington
Madeline Talkington

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