Unlocking Creativity in the Workplace: Techniques Used by Corporate Coaches

Unlocking creativity in the workplace is a key factor for any business to succeed. Corporate coaches have the power to help employees unleash their creative potential and come up with innovative ideas that can help the company grow. To do this, coaches must first demonstrate what it means to be curious and how it can drive business. Lead by example and then reinforce the behavior.

When employees ask questions and try to innovate, they should be encouraged, rewarded, and appreciated. Companies should also measure innovation, not just the same old thing. Google's “20% program” is a great example of this, as it allows developers to dedicate 20% of their working hours to their own creative projects. It's important to remember the why when it comes to creativity. There may be many ways to get from your home to the office, but if everyone is taking the same route, there's no room for creativity.

Corporate coaches should provide their team with the end point and allow them to design the route in order to receive creative solutions. It's also essential for coaches to check in with their teams after training sessions or meetings. This way, they can ensure that their advice is being followed and that results are being achieved. If regular training sessions are held, this can be added at the beginning of each session. Otherwise, a quick meeting or phone call is enough. By following these techniques, corporate coaches can help unlock creativity among employees and give companies new ideas and strategies for growth.

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